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I already took three pictures today.

Happy Easter!

I took three pictures today, I don’t feel like discussing them

You know what’s really awesome?

Reading a long conversation through reblogs on a page using a theme with zero acknowledge of the blockquote tag tumblr uses to differentiate a reblog.

It really wasn’t worth the trouble.

Not popular with the locals I know but here are my Stanley Cup playoff picks.
Most of you probably don’t care.

Not popular with the locals I know but here are my Stanley Cup playoff picks.

Most of you probably don’t care.

Earlier game tonight, that was nice

In the locker room getting ready some of the guys were talking about how the other goaltender is pretty good so I figured I might have to play well myself. Things certainly started out that way. We were mostly controlling play but I did have to make one rather solid save for 0-0 after the first period.

Things opened up in the second, we were holding in and really pressing and finally broke through.

I let in three by the end, all pretty decent goals and on the power play. I also had three or four rather nice saves. The team got the offense going really well, finishing with six goals for.

A fun game overall and I played well despite pulling my thigh slightly near the end of the first. Was very glad I’d gone to yoga and stretched nicely earlier.


Fun stuff. #innerchild

Yeah, that was the good shit


Fun stuff. #innerchild

Yeah, that was the good shit

foodfunandproductdevelopm replied to your post “No pictures, you’re welcome”

Are they related? We had vomit this morning from our wee one too.

Yes, I do believe they are related

No pictures, you’re welcome

The child just projectile vomited all over my face and the rest of me and the floor and himself and his mom.

He may not be feeling well.

And, I wasn’t there for it but seems he had mac & cheese for lunch.

My face right now, an escalator don’t, and the little one napping.

Don’t mind if I do

Don’t mind if I do

Fanmail roulette

Fanmail roulette is one of my favorite tumblr games to play.

You send a fanmail to someone and then you just wait and wonder, there are so many delicious possibilities

  • Will they get it and reply (boring)
  • Will they get it but not reply because you said something three weeks ago that they misunderstood and decided to hate you for but never mentioned a single thing to you about it
  • Will they get it but not reply simply because they have nothing to say
  • Will it mysteriously disappear into the tumblr fanmail triangle, never to be seen or heard from ever again
  • Will they reply in two months with some short and cryptic words that might actually make sense if you still had any clue at all what you sent way back then

You just never know what might happen, it’s so exciting!


I met up with trivialbob, mrstrivialbob and racingtheghosts for dinner tonight! If you are ever in the Mpls area, get up with these lovely people! Two of my students chose to join us as well. I told them that we met on an “online running club”. They’ll believe anything. :)

Sheila knows me well and gave me a little present for later. ;)

Good thing I didn’t end up making it, no one would ever believe I’m in a running club. Unless online running involves clicking the mouse a lot or something.

The way I see tumblr following

As I see it there are basically three kinds of tumblr relationships:

  1. Friends - you both follow each other and actually trade asks or replies or reblogs at least occasionally (if not nearly constantly)
  2. Fans - people who follow you but you don’t follow them back, they may send asks or so forth and you respond if you like but it’s a more one-way relationship
  3. Follows - people who you follow but do not follow you, again you might send asks on occasion but of course won’t see hearts or asks from them except maybe as response to yours

I personally feel that all three of these types of tumblr relationships are perfectly fine, though they are clearly very different.

So, I say all that to say this, I am going to be unfollowing some people who I have not felt a particular click or connection with. They are all good people but I’m just personally not feeling it and find myself just skimming their posts on my dash. I have no ill will toward anyone here at all. If anyone feels the need to unfollow me simply in response to me unfollowing them that is their right of course but I want to be clear that I have no problem at all being followed by people who I do not follow and anyone is welcome to stick around no matter which type of the three tumblr relationships we may have.

All of that being said however, when I look back over my posts I do have to wonder a little bit about anyone who follows me. I guess the kid really is that cute because he’s just about the only thing of quality that ends up here.

Well that was fun yet a bit frustrating.

The team I subbed for was again slightly less skilled overall and slower than the opponents. The frustrating part for my personally was I really only gave them two and a half periods of play which was kind of the difference in the game.

I started out pretty sloppy, maybe because of the different rink, though it was a rather nice facility. I gave up a couple goals I feel I should’ve stopped to put us in an early hole. But then I settled in and did alright, at least I thought so. The team however seemed to think I played really well, so that’s nice I suppose.

I gave up a third off an unlucky bounce on a two on one and the offense was only able to muster a couple so it ended 2-3.

A fun game though and a cool new place to play with a nice and different group, sadly it’s pretty far from my house.

Oh yeah, I felt really good for playing a second consecutive day but I’m glad I didn’t sign up yet for the pickup game tomorrow night, I’ll see how I feel and if there are spots open after I sleep tonight.

I can’t remember the last time I played so well and still gave up seven goals.

The game started well, enough guys on both teams that I didn’t even bother to count. I had freshly sharpened skates and was feeling good in the warm-up and everything.

Then the game started and it was quickly obvious we were outclassed a little bit in skill and a great deal in speed.

I made a couple mistakes even though it was clearly a night where I had no room for error and we were soon down 0-3 and it didn’t get significantly better after that.

In the end I made a good deal more very impressive saves than those couple mistakes that lead to goals. I counted at least four different one on zero, shootout style breakaways against us, which resulted in zero goals. There were a number of other good personal plays, included the two on zero that took four shots for them to score.

Overall it was a fun challenge and a good time, though sadly it ended in a loss, 3-7, Oh well. Subbing in another league game tomorrow night so got to rest up now.

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